About Us:

WoofCrate is a happy, down to earth subscription box company based out of Edmonton, Alberta! yes that is a another awesome Canadian company. The team at WoofCrate is very small, but our size does not reflect our passionate love for animals. We started WoofCrate to spread this love with other people and their furry friends!

WoofCrate is run by real people, who seriously love dogs and who put customers at the front line of their focus. After all, our customers are what make this possible! We sincerely hope you can feel that.

Our mission is to create a subscription box that genuinely focuses on each individual pupper and their unique needs and wants! But most importantly, to provide an exciting, healthy, and amusing experience to Fido and their hooman counterparts!

A very important concern for WoofCrate and many of our amazing customers is making sure that dogs waiting to be adopted by great family’s are well fed! we are going to progressively pursue oppurtunities with organizations that we think are great and that you tell us about!

Treat Enthusiast and Chief of mischief Milo & Simon

These two barkers are a mix of Maltese and pekingese. While undoubtedly cute, they run some serious operations. Milo, the treat enthusiast, oversees the treats coming in and leaving the doors here at WoofCrate. He sources organic, healthy treats, from only the best places he can find and makes sure to put them to the test. When hes not busy sniffing out treats, hes inspecting the hoomans lunch bags for impurities or anything he might find delicious *cough* i mean, no good.


Toy Annihilator -Duke

This little guy just recently joined our family! he’s a purebred red nose pit bull with a fierce attitude and a… well cute appearance. Duke plays an integral part to WoofCrate. Why you ask? well, he destroys toys, and by that i mean abolishes them. You can imagine that we get a very quick idea of what toys to send to our dog loving customers and which ones do not pass dukes test!

Chief of mischief -Simon

This is other barker. The Treat Enthusiasts brothers. His name is Simon and he is without a doubt in my mind, the chief of mischief or the $hit disturber. Whatever you want to call him.

Simon has a reputation for his spicy attitude. you’ll often find Simon sniffing butts, stealing and hiding Milo’s treats or barking madly. On a good day, he can be very proficient in his duty’s of keeping everyone including the boss in line. But sometimes, especially when he gets overwhelmed by awesomeness, he can’t help himself but pee on the spot. Luckily he has a similarly awesome family that cleans that up for him!

Okay! in all seriousness, and i mean the above is absolutely correct. But, i guess it’s time to introduce the hooman who created WoofCrate. Ryan. That’s me! and im excited for the journey that lies ahead.

Overseer of all things WoofCrate -Ryan

along with the help of my pack; both family, friends and of course my furry friends, i have created WoofCrate. Since a young age, I’ve stirred up a real passion for animals. Which is a big contributor to my motives in running this awesome company!

Your going to see my name alot when dealing with WoofCrate (especially throughout the early stages) I oversee all that goes on in WoofCrate for a simple reason. I am it’s only employee. well… the pack above is of course a vital part of it as well.

My promise is that, you and your doggo will not be disapointed with your WoofCrate (period). My focus is on you and your pupper! this crate will provide an experience each month that will leave you and your dog overly excited! seriously.

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