Winter Dog Walking Saftey

  In Canada, the snow has been falling hard. The mercury has dropped well below any realm of warmth. Generally speaking, it’s too damn cold to step foot out the door. But were Canadians eh! We don’t stop walking the dogs when the cold sets in. But you may ask […]

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Do Dogs Get Colds?

  It’s that time of the year again, when the flu is going around the house and your workplace. That tickle in your throat has superseded into a cold or the flu. You’ve begun avoiding contact with family members or more likely are being avoided by them. Indeed this raises […]

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Can dogs taste their treats?

    Is your furry buddy a finicky eater? Just like humans, some dogs are very particular about the food and treats they consume. Funny enough, some of them eat their own poop. So what gives, do dogs taste what they eat? do they even have taste buds? and what […]

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