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WoofCrate For a Can

With every WoofCrate you purchase, we donate a can of dog food to a shelter!

Woofcrate is with you throughout the journey of enveloping your pup in love and treats! Our mission is to help you navigate the joys of entertaining your furry friend! Each month, you and your pup will receive a box filled with engaging toys, healthy & delicious treats, and accessories to be the best doggy parent pawsible!

WoofCrate is a recurring subscription service that delivers healthy, locally sourced doggy goodies to your door step on a monthly basis. Our customers can sign up on their choice of 1, 3, or 6 month subscription and we will send out 4-5 items per box. Your pupper will receive a durable toy, 2-3 treats and an apparel piece in every box! Every recurring shipment is unique, themed and full of healthy, locally sourced items! We try our best to make sure that most of our items are Canadian products and that you do not receive the same toys or treats from month to month! 

There are lots of ways to pay! You can pay for your subscription using: Visa, Debit Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay or Android Pay/ Google Pay.

You Can order at any time of the month, as you’ll receive your first box immediately; However, it’s important to know that WoofCrate ships on the 15th of every month for subscribers who have already had their first box.


for example: if you subscribe on the 25th, you’ll receive your first box within a few days, then your second on the 15th. Each box will be different!


Note: Your first box will normally take about 5-7.

You can go to the menu and click on My Account. However, to eradicate the hassle i have just opened a direct link to the location. Just click –Sign in here

Nope! It’s free. Epic, we know. 

Woooh, keep calm. There is a WoofCrate on the loose. It’s alright! we understand, times can get busy. We will do our best to track your shipment and get it shipped to the right address. Extra shipping charges will apply! 

In order to change your shipping address, you will need to login in to your account and change it there. It’s important to change your mailing address before the next shipment, which go out on the 15th of every month. 


You can also feel free to live chat us or email us and our pups will change it for you! 

Naturally, during shipment, the products can be damaged. If this dreadful event occurs to you, please do contact us immediately so that we can get it sorted out! 

We do our absolute best to ensure only products of utmost quality make it into our crate, but if a product arrives in a less than desirable condition. You can send us an email at happy@woofcrate.ca. Explain the situation and include photos of the defective product. The final decision for a replacement will be at the discretion of WoofCrate and will be done in the best interest of our customer. 

When we select toy’s to include in our WoofCrate, we take extra time to make sure they are up to our standards. 


However, you can bet your tail, well try to help you get a new one and that if the toy has a reputation of not being durable enough for our customers, well make sure to never include them again. 

Yes! we offer allergy safe crates. As of right now we are able to cater to chicken, beef, and pork allergies. 

Absolutely, we love seeing our customers spread the love of woofcrate. Here is where you can sign up for a gift subscription. We offer 1, 3, 6, or 12 month packs that do not renew. Just be sure to put your billing information and then your lucky friend or family members information in the shipping section. They’ll be ecstatic when their WoofCrate arrives on their doorstep! 

We’re glad you asked! we are huge supporters of all furry friends. That’s why we created WoofCrate for a Can. We donate a can of dog food for every WoofCrate purchased/or donate a portion of proceeds. 


We are always open to suggestions since, after all, we are all apart of the WoofCrate family. We are always looking for local animal shelters, rescues, outreach programs, and non-profit organizations that can use a hand making animals lives a little brighter. Our boxes are for the dogs, but we support organizations that help all kinds of animals in need.


We are also looking into purchasing rooms at the SPCA yearly so that we can support our four legged buddies.

We love hearing about amazing organization that our woof family likes supporting. We loves animals and that’s why we do what we do. Reach out to us with information and a link so that we can further look into it! 


Click Here to suggest an organization.

Ruh Roh! We’re really unhappy to see you go. Please contact us so we can do our very best to help fix any issues you might be encountering first. 


If you feel you must cancel, please do so by logging into your account, go to your subscriptions, and click the cancel link. Also feel free to just reach out to us by email or live chat us. 

All of our three, six, and twelve month commitment plans cannot be ended early. We’re committed to making WoofCrate a great experience for you and your dog, so if anything ever isn’t working for you just reach out and we’ll do everything we can to make the remainder of your plan amazing.

WoofCrate themed monthly packs are subscription based. You can subscribe on a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month base. The more months you subscribe for, the more money you save! We try our best to help everyone undersand how this works on our website, but we also understand that it can be misunderstood through the intial excitement that arises in you and your pup! If there is any confusion you need to sort out, please contact us but beware, the dogs at woofcrate cannot refund existing orders. 

The products in WoofCrate come from mainly Canadian Company’s, but may also include other awesome businesses from the U.S.A and other places around the globe like New Zealand. 

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