How does WoofCrate work?

Tell us about your doggo.

Thats it! just click on get a crate and answer some questions. Each dog is unique and so we personalize boxes to your dogs needs and wants!

Choose your crate and plan.

You’ll get the option to choose from different plans and 3 different crates. With WoofCrate, you get tons of flexibility. You can subscribe monthly or purchase longer plans that will discount your monthly payment.

Themed WoofCrate

Our Themed WoofCrate includes 5-6 handpicked items revolving around a super fun theme! These items include 1-2 toys, 2 healthy bags of treats, a delicious chew for your pups teeth, and some other cool item like a handmade neck tie/bow made by me in Canada. Yah that’s pretty awesome right? well, It doesn’t end there! we also have tons of activites and contests that you will be able to participate in!

The Treat Enthusiast

Our Treat Enthusiast Crate includes only treats, for the lazy doggos who don’t like playing with toy’s! Milo, the treat enthusiast single pawdedly chooses only the tastiest and healthiest treats he can get his paws on. By selecting the Treat Enthusiast Crate, you receive treats that are also in that months Themed WoofCrate and then an additional treat item like a freshly baked cookie and a piece of apparel like the necktie/bowtie

Duke's Crate

Dukes Crate includes super durable toy’s to satiate the power chewers! The toy’s included in this box are made of stronger materials like high-grade rubber and ballistic-grade nylon to last longer. Aside from the toy, you will receive the monthly themed treats and an awesome accessory.

Get your first crate.

The first box will ship immediately. After that, your WoofCrates will ship out on the 15 of the month.

*Be aware that at this time of the month, your dog will become overly excitable.

Enjoy the WoofCrate experience!

I cant spoil what’s in there, but i can say that you and your dog will never look at a cardboard box the same way. It’s going to be fun and only gets better.

Not enough? here is a better idea of what WoofCrate is all about!

Subscribe to our monthly, bi-monthly or other plans. Answer some simple questions like: your dogs name and their size so that we can pawsonalize the box for your dog! When you order by 11:59 (MT) your order will be process the very next business day. Every other box that your subscribed to will be billed on the 1st of the subsequent months and shipped on the 15th. Every WoofCrate we create is uniquely designed around a fun theme, but even cooler is that we include fun activities to do with your dog that both encourage the time you spend with them, and healthy behaviors.

All items included in the box are carefully chosen. We make sure to include food and treats that are either made with natural ingredients, are tasty, nutritious, grain-free, organic, or locally made. The WoofCrate is all about the experience you get with your dog! we want to get your pupper excited and shake up both yours and their routine!

By subscribing to WoofCrate, you are not just receiving a monthly care package for your dog, but your joining an active community which advocates for spending time with your dog! We get to caught up in day to day life, it’s time to spend some of that time with your furry buddy and we’re here to help you achieve that. We supply you with woofing awesome activities to do every month along with a fun, delicious, and experience packed  box of goodies.

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